SUMMARY SUNDAY_ Always Make The Best First Impression

SUMMARY SUNDAY: Always Make The Best First Impression

No matter where you are in your career or job search, you always want to make the best first impression! From your email messages to your first day at a new job, first impressions are lasting impressions!

SUMMARY SUNDAY_ Always Make The Best First Impression
Sometimes the best first impression isn’t about your appearance but based on what you write or say.

In today’s busy and connected world, your first impression may be in the message you send on LinkedIn or the email you hastily send from your phone.

Everything you say and do during your job search and early in the job is being scrutinized. This week’s articles will help you be more aware of how you communicate while networking and in an interview. You’ll also find tips to help you fight ageism. You’ll also be interested to see a running list of states and cities that have made it illegal to ask how much you made in your previous job!


How to Answer Tricky Personal Questions at a New Job
by Allie Volpe | The New York Times

Your new co-workers want to learn more about you and have lots of questions- some very personal. How will you answer questions like, when did you graduate or are you seeing anyone and others?  Your first impression is a lasting impression so you want to be very aware of what information you choose to divulge during those first few months.


An Inspirational Reminder That You’re Never “Too Old” to Change Careers
by Stav Ziv | The Muse

“If you love something and you’re willing to put in the work and meet the standards of excellence in an ethical way, why should age ever matter?”  This is my favorite line by Charlotte Clymer, press secretary at the Human Rights Campaign.  The Muse featured Clymer’s recently posted Twitter thread that went viral. See more wise words she shares about ageism.


6 Expressions To Avoid When Asking For a Referral
by Judith Humphrey | Fast Company

You know you should be networking, but how you request a meeting or ask questions makes all the difference. People are usually willing to help you with your job search, but you have to ask the right questions. Don’t ask these! EVER!

8 Things To Evaluate Before You Say Yes To A Job
by Career

Don’t wait until the first day on the job to evaluate your new manager or company culture. These are 8 things you want to assess before you take a new job.


How To Introduce People: Two Rules For Better Networking
by David Burkus | David Burkus

Introducing people in your network is a great strategy! It’s kind of fun to serve as a match-maker. But, there is a right way and some wrong ways to do this. See what they are! (The video in the article is only 4 minutes and worth your time!)


The LinkedIn Green Dot — A Job Seeker’s New Best Friend
by Donna Svei | Avid Careerist

A lot of you have asked what that green dot means next to a person’s photo on LinkedIn. This post explains what it means and why it can help with your job search!

4 Expert Tips For Writing a LinkedIn Message That Will Actually Get Read
by Allana Akhtar | Business Insider

Follow this advice when reaching out to someone on LinkedIn or even through email. These are classic tips you’ll want to use. And one reminder… everyone uses email. Not everyone uses LinkedIn regularly. If your LinkedIn message gets ignored, try emailing the person.

5 LinkedIn Tips to Help Your Finish the Year on a High Note
by Wayne Breitbarth, PowerFormula | YouTern

Using any of these 5 tips will help reinvigorate the quality of your LinkedIn experience. All are available to those that use the free version.


Salary History Bans
by HRDive

Did you know that in some areas of the US, it is illegal to ask how much you made at your last employer? There are 17 State-wide Bans and 18 Local Bans. This is a running list of states and localities that have outlawed pay history questions.


Increase in Remote Work Since 2005: FlexJobs & Global Workplace Analytics Report
by FlexJobs

Here are just a few of the top stats from this new report:
👀 Since 2005 remote work has grown 159%
📈 3.4% of the total U.S. workforce is remote workers
📊 Over the last five years, remote work growth is 44%
📢 4.7 million US people currently telecommute, up from 3.9 million in 2015


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