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Easy Cashew Dip Recipes For Student`s Snacks

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If you are a college student you should definitely remember one important thing – healthy snacks can help enhance your academic success. It is essential to follow particular eating habits for the brain-boosting benefits. Unfortunately, there are a lot of students who underestimate the importance of carefully selected snack during their studies.A good snack keeps your energy levels consistent, improves concentration, and just boosts your overall health. There are a lot of good things to eat while learning something. But what about cashews? Their delicious flavor makes them a satisfying snack.Boost your brainpower by eating cashewsMultiple studies have proved that nuts strengthen our brain. Cashews are among those nuts that can supply your brain with plenty of necessary vitamins. As a result, your ability to grasp, remember, and memorize will enhance significantly.  Here are other astonishing health benefits from eating cashew nuts:The nutrients in cashews maintain relaxed blood vessels and lower cholesterolCashews help to lower high blood pressureCashews prevent migraine headacheCashews support healthy skin and contribute to healthy bonesCashew nuts lower the risk of diabetesTo use cashews to snack on is a wonderful idea. But it`s important to mention that they are an extremely versatile culinary ingredient. You can prepare cashew butter or a cashew dip to make your snacks even more diverse. We are ready to share a few recipes with you!Cashew Vanilla Fruit DipIngredients:150g cashew nuts1 small orange180ml water½ tsp vanilla1-2 tbsp sweetenerInstructions:Put all the ingredients in a small blender jugBlend for 1-2 minutes until smoothAdd a splash of water if the blender strugglesServe with fruitBasil, Parmesan and Cashew DipIngredients:1/3 cup cashews250g fresh basil1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese½ crushed garlic clove1/3 cup olive oilInstructions:Place the nuts, basil leaves, parmesan, and garlic into a blender jugBlend for several minutesAdd the olive oilCurried Cashew DipIngredients:100g cashew nuts3 tbsp coconut cream1-2 juiced limes2 tbsp Bombay spice mix2tbsp korma curry pasteInstructions:Blend all the ingredients, except the Bombay mixSeason to tasteAdd a splash of lime juice if the mixture is too thickSprinkle over the Bombay mixServe with naan bread, carrot sticks, and chicken skewersAvocado Cashew DipIngredients:1 small avocado, peeled½ cup raw cashews1 small jalapeno, seeded¼ cup cilantro, chopped1/8 tsp cayenne pepper1/8 cup lime juice3 cups filtered waterInstructions:Soak the cashews in boiling water for 30 minutesDrain the cashews and blend them with ¼ cup of waterPuree 1 small avocado with this cashew cream, cayenne pepper, cilantro, japaleno, lime juice, and saltServe with your favorite vegetablesChunky Coriander Cashew DipIngredients:½ cup raw cashews1 tbs parmesan grated2 cups coriander roughly chopped1 tbs semi-dried tomato½ tbs chili crushed optionalInstructions:Put all the ingredients in a blender jugBlend until dip is of a desired consistencyEnjoy your snack!111 Likes

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