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Essay on Erasmus Programme

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The Erasmus Army consists of students, volunteers, trainees and various young people, who have a desire to spend couple months in a foreign country. This experience is extremely valuable, as they can get good knowledge there, alongside with some cultural background and adaptation skills. The Erasmus Army – it is the way Sofia Corradi, mother of this program, call people who take this chance.This programme, called Erasmus+ since 2014, offers youth and students a wide range of opportunities to travel, study, volunteer, gain new skills and experience abroad. In accordance with the statistics, approximately nine million people have already taken part in this programme.Among the top destinations are Spain, Germany, French and Great Britain.In fact, this programme is liked by many. Students feedbacks are positive. They all claim about complete satisfaction. Some say that have improved their skills by participating in Erasmus, others claim that their language skills are much better now. It is also said that this programme enables people to feel more confident in themselves and to be more prepared to become a professional, enter the workplace.To crown it all, the European Commission has spread the employment statistics, where students who had some experience abroad now have more chances to get the job of their dream one year after graduation. In addition, it must be admitted, that one of three students who did their internship in a foreign country, got the position from the host company or enterprise.These days, the Erasmus+ has a budget of €14.7 billion. It aims to provide approximately four million people with opportunities to study and gain experience abroad.The majority of Erasmus students claim that only thanks to this programme, their European citizenship increased.Sofia Corradi, “mother” of Erasmus, answering the question about the idea of this programme, stated that this thought come up because of her own bad experience. She went to the Columbia University for one year, then returned to her university and they rejected her exams and documents, considering they were fake. Thanks to Erasmus, students do not have similar problems now. So, who are the Erasmus alumni?The list of the Erasmus alumni consists of many people with house-hold names. It means they have achieved a lot in their life and career.• Pablo Iglesias Turrión – a famous politician in Spain• Alexandra Pascalidou – a prominent journalist, television hostess, and author• Diogo Piçarra – a well-known singer in Portugal• Salvador Sobral – a singer with the worldwide recognition• Carlos Moedas – a member of European Parliament• Samantha Cristoforetti – an astronaut• Sandro Gozi – works in Italian Parliament• Federica Mogherini – High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission in the Juncker CommissionTo conclude, the Erasmus programme is really useful and beneficial for students who want to try something new and succeed in their life. Study and explore abroad – then contribute greatly to your motherland development.153 Likes

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