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The best affordable sneakers for students

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Nowadays sneakers are the frequent choice of active students, as they are both comfortable and stylish. There are a plenty of models, and their diversity is one of the factors that make those trainers so trendy. The right pair of sneakers much any outfit and help people to express themselves and highlight their individuality.Of course, they can cost a fortune if you buy a pair from a famous brand. However, there is no need to do so, as there are plenty of brands on the market that produce decent sneakers at an affordable price. We have made a little research and found the ten best models for less than $150.NIKE AIR MAX 90 LEATHERNike has presented update variant of its popular sneakers with an astronomic design that has taken to many people since 1987. Although the design is not new, the interior of those leather trainers is produced of materials that make walks comfortable all day long.NEW BALANCE 247 LUXEThose are perfect for both everyday walking and athletics due to its new midsole cushioning that make them extremely light in weight. They are made of pig suede and feature foam interior.VANS WHITE OG OLD SKOOLThese sneakers may become the first consideration for students who appreciate classic shoes without anything fancy. They are all white and made of leather, which them comfortable both in hot and cold weather.ALL BIRDS TREE RUNNERSForget about synthetic materials and try these sneakers made of organic ones. All Birds use Eucalyptus tree fiber that makes running extremely comfortable. So, if you like to get up early in the morning to spend half an hour running in a park, you should consider buying them.NIKE AIR PEGASUSThis is another pair of sneakers that have all chances to become your favourite, especially if you are keen on running. Another good thing that makes them so popular is the really cheap price.NATIVE AP MERCURY LITEKNITNamed after the Greek god, these sneakers are as light as feathers. They are practically knitted and serve well during hot summer days, as they are extremely breathable and keep your feet from sweating.PEOPLE FOOTWEAR THE NELSONThis brand listens to customers’ desires and produces The Nelson sneakers with high tops, which somewhat remind of knitted socks. You do not need to wear socks with this model, as they have their own removable sock liners.25TH ANNIVERSARY SANDLOT PF FLYERSFans of the classic movie “The Sandlot” will definitely be interested in those trainers, as they have been designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this picture. Black in colour and cool emblem on the outer side make them extremely stylish in look.CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STAR CANVAS HIGH-TOPSThis model is the best choice for admirers of retro style. White with red stripes, they look vintage and match both casual denim jeans and a suit.99 Likes

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