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Writing a Thank You Letter

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There are many ways to show your gratitude to a person who has done something good for you. One of them is a Thank You letter. It is a special piece of writing that shows that you appreciate other people, their assistance, care, or actions.Although this type of letters is quite short, it’s not a piece of cake to compose it. It’s a special kind of art, and we will show it to you today.Most Common TypesThere are plenty of reasons to thank others, and some of them are job interviews, assistance in finding a job, gifts etc. Every occasion requires a special style and form. Thus, a letter that is suitable for a family member can be considered inappropriate for a colleague or an employer. Nonetheless, all these pieces of writing have common features and include similar elements.Tips to Thank in Letter After Job InterviewIf the expression of gratitude to family members, relatives or friends is no such a complicated task, writing a Thank You letter after a job interview may appear to be a real challenge. Therefore, we offer you some common tips on how to do it in the best manner.Individual or Group Thanks?Usually, a company will arrange several interviews with different people for potential employees. Thus, you need to thank more than one person, so you may wonder whether to write a group letter or an individual note to everyone. If all interviewers share much in common, a group letter is possible. However, remember to mention everybody with some personalized note. Otherwise, thank them individually.Anybody Else?Yes! You should express your gratitude not only to interviewers but also to everybody, who participated in the employment process. This little step will help you establish a close rapport with your future colleagues.Way to Make an ImpressionAccording to the latest research, only 4% of all employees send Thank You letters, so do not miss an opportunity to write yours. This piece of writing allows you to show yourself from a good side and appeal to employers.Add Something ImportantDo not hesitate to include important information which you have forgotten to mention during interviews. That is your best chance to do it.Things to IncludeIt’s up to you whether to send a handwritten or typed letter. You can even send an email. However, you should not forget to include the following information in it:Thank for the interview;Express your interest in the position and enthusiasm at working with the person;Mention your skills and qualification. Say that you are a good choice and you can contribute to their company;Thank one more time.Laconic and MeaningfulThe letter should be short and simple in language. There is no need to use sophisticated words. However, using familiar vocabulary is not a good idea.Proofread and Check the SpellingAvoid any type of errors in your letter. Bad grammar, inaccurate word choice or spelling mistakes do not tell anything good about your professionalism. If you are not sure about the spelling of some words, check them in a dictionary.Even if you are not sure whether your letter is perfect, remember that it’s an intent that counts. So you should use any chance to thank a person if you have a reason and he or she deserves it.254 Likes

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