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How to Make Students` Living Together Comfortable

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Living in a dormitory is probably one of the most exciting things that every freshman is looking forward to.But what exactly makes it a wonderful and unforgettable experience? Why are there a lot of smart students and their friends who truly call their dorm home?And these are the reasons why:Dorms keep you connected with other students;You are almost never late for your classes;It is financially cheaper to live in a dorm than to rent a flat;You are provided with more campus social opportunities;There are tons of people you can hang out with 24/7;You can acquire academic benefits from living on campus.However, it should be noted that it doesn`t go this way for everyone. It can be really difficult for some roommates to get on well with each other, deal with everyone else`s habits, and just find some common ground. Those regular arguments can turn your dorm life into a disaster. So, it all depends on who you end up with. Fortunately, there are many universities which do their best to make your dorm life as comfortable as possible by lodging students according to their lifestyle preferences. Just imagine that you are given the opportunity to live with a person who has the same way of life as you. Find out about what dorm policies some famous universities can impress you with.Robert Gordon UniversityThis university strives to provide safe and secure accommodation for their students. They are perfectly aware that every student is different and try to adjust to their wants and needs. They spent time carefully selecting the best room for each of them so they will have things in common with their new roommates.University of Bristol Residents here are expected to respect each other and promote the well-being of the community. Sexual, racial or any other form of harassment is expressly forbidden.King`s College LondonBecause of the fact that King`s Residences are committed exceptional diversity into all of its activities, residents have the opportunity to live in a safe and supportive environment.University of ChichesterThis university is committed to providing its students with not only suitable living conditions but a pleasant atmosphere for studying and the chance to meet other residents from different cultures and backgrounds. They ensure a living environment in which the dignity of all individuals is respected.Strathclyde University Here you will definitely make lifelong friends and feel at home. Strathclyde Halls will make you feel a part of the student community and offer you all support and guidance you need. What is more important, they will match you up with people they think you will get along with.University of the West of EnglandThe accommodation of this university enables people from a wide variety of backgrounds to learn from one another. Applicants need to be agreeable to living as an integrated, tolerant, and cooperative community.University of Greenwich The resident assistants at this university do their utmost to ensure that you feel happy and settled and that the problems you might be experiencing are resolved in due time. Here you will become a part of a friendly community that will help you discover new talents and achieve extraordinary things.Northumbria University The university hall will provide you with plenty of opportunities to make friends and build memories. Furthermore, you can book a specific room by yourself online. So, you can even live together with your best friend.University of East AngliaThe residences of this uni are more than just a place to eat and sleep – they provide a unique social environment that is an essential aspect of university life. Here you will be living with a diverse mix of students from a rich variety of backgrounds.University of EssexLiving in this university accommodation, you will meet students from different nationalities, cultures, faiths, and political outlook. That is why they encourage residents to respect each other`s differences, get to know your housemates and share your languages and cultural experiences.All you have to do is to learn to be a respectful roommate. Then, your needs, wants, and comforts will be still honored in dorm life. But if there are issues which are causing tension, your resident assistant is always there for you to help.51 Likes

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