A New Water Paradigm Case Study

In a New Water Paradigm Project, we brought together an expert advisory panel from Tucson/Pima County, Arizona, and 35 other stakeholders in the Northern Kentucky area. During the retreat, we focused on a new paradigm for water infrastructure. We discussed sustainability goals, Integrated technological architecture, and adaptive management. Then, we […]

A Northern Light Study Guide

A Northern Light is a popular novel by American author Elizabeth Gaskell. The plot is based on the true events of the novel’s title. The study guide features detailed character analysis of themes and events. It also includes chapter summaries. If you are a student who is trying to complete […]

What Is Northern Studies?

If you are planning to pursue a degree in northern studies, you might be wondering what to expect during your course. There are a number of courses you can take, including a Bachelor of Northern Studies. The courses are offered on site and are designed to help students develop interdisciplinary […]