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Planning and Managing Dissertation Writing Projects

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A dissertation is an academic task which is given to the students from their course instructors. Generally instructors ask students to make a dissertation writing project and choose the topic of your own choice and plan that how you will conduct the research and what will be the method to conduct the research on the particular topic.
There are some important steps involved in the dissertation writing process which include:
Choosing a topic
Developing a research question
Effective planning of the research
Reporting the research

Choosing a Topic: Some students come up with a clear mind that what topic they have to choose, but some find it difficult. To overcome these issues there are some effective suggestions that would make it easy for students to choose their dissertation topic
Ask other students of your course that what topic they have chosen for their research project and what is the reason behind that
Visit library and find out different dissertation projects and go through their titles
Look through the previous dissertations of your department
Think about your own interest topics
Developing a Research Question: Once your topic is approved now start to brain storm your mind that what research problem you will discuss in your project and how you will find out the facts and figures. But before clustering it the topic decide what relevant primary research question you will put into the project. Basically, research question directs you that what is your problem and what you have to find out that is why it is important to write a proper research question.
Planning of the Research: After choosing the topic and finalizing the research question now it is time to build up a research proposal. Research proposal helps students to direct them that how and when and in what ways they will conduct the research. In research proposal students decide that where and when they will distribute the questionnaires, on what dates interviews will be taken, deadlines are decided in research proposal, limitations or boundaries and methodology etc is also decided in the research proposal.
Reporting the Research: Once you have finished the research proposal start the research as per the methodology which was decided in the proposal. After finishing up the research start to make a report and follow every single step in the report. While making the report make table of contents and show everything in sequence of the table of contents, in the report do not forget to show stats through tables, pie-charts, bar-charts etc.

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