What Is Northern Studies?

If you are planning to pursue a degree in northern studies, you might be wondering what to expect during your course. There are a number of courses you can take, including a Bachelor of Northern Studies. The courses are offered on site and are designed to help students develop interdisciplinary competence in the circumpolar north. Besides courses taught on campus, the bachelor of northern studies degree program also offers an option to spend a semester or more on an international travel program.

University of Alaska Fairbanks

If you’re interested in the Arctic, you should consider a Bachelor of Arts in Arctic and Northern Studies at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This program combines history, politics, and environmental studies to explore issues unique to this region. This degree offers students a unique opportunity to work across disciplines to make an impact on the region. Whether you’re interested in environmental issues, the history of the Arctic, or Indigenous cultures, you’ll find this program to be a great choice.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks is the premier research institution for the circumpolar north. Students in this program select coursework that supports their interests and research projects. Those interests range from Indigenous histories to oil and gas corporate social responsibility. Many students in the program have also participated in the Model Arctic Council program, which brings together students from around the circumpolar north to discuss common challenges. Students are also able to find faculty who are recognized for their research and teaching.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Arctic and Northern Studies program is highly interdisciplinary and offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. This program focuses on issues related to the circumpolar north, including energy, the environment, and Indigenous cultures. The diverse curriculum allows students to pursue a wide range of interests and majors. The students will also gain insight into how the Arctic has impacted humans throughout history.

The M.A. program in Arctic and Northern Studies is aimed at students who work or live in the north. Many are looking for jobs with northern agencies, while others seek to acquire a broad perspective on the Arctic issues. Some students will be pursuing doctoral studies in their discipline, while others may choose to pursue an M.A. degree with an interdisciplinary approach to the area. All students who choose this program should understand that this degree program is suitable for full-time graduate study.

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs in Northern Studies. The school offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Programs in Northern Studies include aboriginal public administration, environmental impact assessment, and education. You can also complete a certificate or post-graduate degree program in Northern Studies. To learn more about the program, read on. Here are some of the key benefits of this program. It focuses on indigenous people and the circumpolar north.

The university’s campus is situated on 750 acres along the South Saskatchewan River. Indigenous culture is integrated on campus with the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre. The university’s Prince Albert campus will open in 2020. USask is also home to Canada’s largest light source, which accelerates electrons close to light. Its programs cover a wide range of subjects and are highly ranked by international rankings. The university encourages women’s education and is committed to preventing harassment and discrimination.

The university’s historic buildings are worth exploring. The College Building, first used to house agriculture classes, is a Canadian National Historic Site. The Gordon Snelgrove Gallery is a teaching facility and a public gallery run by the Department of Art & Art History. It offers a venue for new work from local artists. It also features a full-time director and part-time staff. While many buildings have a rich history, the campus is unique in its location.

The University of Saskatchewan is a member of the University of the Arctic (UArctic). The university has collaborated with other universities in the region and has created seven three-credit unit courses that deal with northern issues. These courses form the core of the interdisciplinary B.A. program in Northern Studies. The institute also offers programs on indigenous cultures, history, and economic development in the northern region. So, it’s a great place to get started!

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